Electronic communication

Tools for developing and validate business documents

EDI is the common expression for electronic data interchange. Numerous companies and authorities uses EDI today because of its benefits. As all documents are managed electronically its interchange is rapid and less miscounts appears compared to manual document management.


The advantages with extensive electronic integration are that all your necessary sales information is immediately carried within our systems as time of delivery, prices etc. We can increase business opportunities for you within our system as knowing time of delivery by purchase and also increase availability of goods to customers with more accurate arrival reports. Integration will occur in several steps starting with notifies of deliverances, admittances and then invoices. After reliable torrent we are developing procedures for purchases within the same system. Total integration will be within our system ESXML Supplier.

Elektroskandia uses a variation of XML-messages, called "ESXML" (more information beneath ”Related information”).

Following options are above all manual to Elektroskandia.

  • Register order admittances, notify deliverances and invoices at the suppliers site.
  • Send and receive electronic messages in XML namned ESXML Supplier. One can integrate within the most common messages as:
    • Purchase orders
    • Order atmittances
    • Notify deliverances
    • Invoices

  • Q&A Integration EDI & XML
  • Suppliers site or your purchaser and Related information