Electronic communication

Tools for developing and validate business documents

EDI is the common expression for electronic data interchange. Numerous companies and authorities uses EDI today because of its benefits. As all documents are managed electronically its interchange is rapid and less miscounts appears compared to manual document management.

Elektroskandia uses a variation of XML message (see Related Information, Descriptions ESXML Format) used primarily. They consist of the most commonly used messages as shown below.

The commonly used message types are:

Elektroskandia is integrated with many of the existing business systems available on the market today. If you use any of the following systems, you can receive and / or send electronic messages to us.

System / Company Orders Orderresponse Dispatch advise Invoice
Entré för Windows (Hantverksdata)
Visma SPCS
Hantverksappen (Solute)

If you use some of these systems as a customer, we have complete links with these, which means that we will get together very quickly. If your system is not included with the above, it is still possible to handle electronic messages if your business system can send and receive files in any of the EDIFACT and / or XML formats available on the market.

Pay with e-invoice for business

Release invoice fees and paper invoices. With e-invoice you will receive your invoices directly to your internet bank. You can register via your internet bank. The following banks can today offer e-invoices for companies.


In cases where the supplier's product range in the online store is very large, is updated continuously and contains unique functionality that can not be rebuilt in the buyer's purchasing system, it is recommended that a Punchout solution be used to present Elektroskandias products to buyers.

The punchout solution is described in the following sections, but at an overall level follows: The buyer logs automatically into the Elektroskandias Internet Store, and creates an order. The cart contents are sent to the buyer's system in the format specified at the login and added to the other products in the order in the buyer's purchase system. The buyer terminates the order in his purchase system and is handled in the same way, including, for example, billing, shipping address and certificate, as other orders. After the order is approved, purchase orders are created in the usual manner.

Benefits of Punchout solution

Get started with punchout

The login routine is at https://www.elektroskandia.se/remotelogin.aspx (for peppol at https://www.elektroskandia.se/peppol/remotelogin) and to get started with punchout, you choose which of the punchout message layouts you want to use, this depends on which parameters you send to us at login, differs for each format.

These layouts are available for punchout:

  • SAP OCI Version 3.0 HTML
  • cXML, subset of cXML Version 1.2.012 message PunchoutOrderMessage
  • PEPPOL Punch Out transaction 3.1 (T77)

To see the results of a punchout, you can use our test form for either the cXml, OCI or PEPPOL version. To use the form, you must have access to a username and password.

Go to Punchout testforms

To make a set of punchout from Elektroskandias Internet Store, a registered user is required for your customer number, registration is made at https://www.elektroskandia.se/AnsokanKund.

If you are interested and would like to know more, contact your sales representative at Elektroskandia or our integration team by e-mail: integrationer@elektroskandia.se